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The Vineyard - Foundations & Functions

  Driving northwest from Bendigo, the landscape begins to flatten out and open up through pastoral country divided by serpent-like bands of River Red gum trees that line sporadic river courses meandering slowly to the mighty Murray River. Not far from the tiny settlement of Serpentine, some 200 kilometres northwest of Melbourne, Turners Crossing vineyard rests on the banks of the Loddon River on the Old Bridgewater- Serpentine road. It is here where Paul Jenkins and Phil Bennett found property available to establish their vision for a productive and viable vineyard. The initial assessments involved intensive soil testing and irrigation planning before site preparation began followed by the extensive planting and trellising of the vines.  The entire property is just...

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Turners Crossing - Origins and Early Settlement

  The name of this outstanding vineyard originates from a popular ford (Two Chain Road) used by local farmers to cross the Loddon River in the mid to late 1800s on their way to Inglewood, from where they could access a bank and the main train line to Bendigo and beyond……….

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