Welcome to the Club


If you have enjoyed any Turners Crossing Wines, you may wish to consider a subscription to ‘Mr. Turner’s Cellar’ Wine Club…. where we invite you to embellish your cellar with a selection of fine wines that Mr. Turner himself would be proud!



Turners Crossing Wines offers multi-tier options to suit your wine variety preferences as well as your budget.

  • Select your preferred tier to receive wines ready to drink now and/or wines to cellar and save for that special occasion.
  • Receive up to 20% savings on online purchases.
  • Be the first to be offered private releases of back vintage wines.
  • Be the first to receive invitations to exclusive Turners Crossing tastings in different locations throughout Australia at different times of the year.
  • Memberships can be cancelled or placed on hold at any time.
  • Receive regular newsletters with updates on events and activities, new vintage releases, special offers and tips for cellaring and drinking Turners Crossing Wines.